Wednesday, April 6, 2011

been awhile

sorry its been awhile but my saigie broke my computer .
ok its been almost three years since I've become destins mom
I've been thru ups and down and i know there are more to follow.
i know god gave him to me for a reason so I'm just learning what it is
first i think its to teach me to see the world in a different way .
i must say it is bothering me when people stare
i wish they would just ask me question and not stare
the other thing that bothers me is when they ask me " how old is he"
then i tell them and they act like I'm lying
um i had him
I've taught destin to tell people when they say oohh he so small to say I'm supposed to be
and i can tell you destin gets so mad when people call him a baby " i'm not a baby im a BIG BOY" love it
saige on the other had will get in peoples faces and tell them he is a little person and should be little duh lol
allen just doesn't understand and realy doesn't want to talk about it
i think and hope he'll come around
love all three of my kids and am glad i have all three of them

ok now thing that have happened in the past three year
Destin loves to stick thing up his nose been to the er 5 times
still dont know where he finds things to stick up his little nose
destin talk to much for his age im in awww
he started crawling at 10months ( arm crawl) pulled to at stand at 11 months
mastered the stairs at 12 months ( thanks dad for letting him do that and giving me a heart attach) walked at 15 months ran shortly after started talking at 9-10months
um (thinking ) oh held his head up at 6-8 months
now we are looking at preschools :( they all grow up to fast saige is leaving preschool and going to real school allen is going to 5th grade soon middle school and "being cool" dont tell him but im ready to embarrass him lol no im not
anyway ive got to get off of here to be a mom
ttyl ill have more updates thanks for reading

be awhile

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

frist 6 weeks

ok we spent two days in the hospital then destin came home with me to his new family his brother allen 7 at the time and his sister saige she was 2 . we were so happy he came home and didnt have to stay . it was calm i was so worried i wouldnt hold his head right i was worried i wasnt up to this then i looked down and cried all i saw was a baby. nothing else mattered . i put him down in his basket and went staight to my computer and started looking up achondroplasia . i found lpa and polp yahoo groups . wow i was so over whelmed so much to take in. now destin was sent home with an apena monitor .that thing didnt fit his little body so he broke out. so i took him off of it . allen my oldest had sleep apena and his monitor would go off all the time and i took him off of it too and just like allen i put destin on my chest to sleep. this way i can feel him breath . any ways we had an appt down at chop ( childrens hospital of philadelphia). we had a sleep study and meet with a gen. remeber how i said i looked up achondroplasia well i knew more then he did .well any ways he saw destin took pic had xrays done blah blah blah . well he looked at destins carseat in it i had the head rest a blanket rolled up it was like a double headrest and a hand towel rolled up for his neck he told me to take it all out he didnt need all that . now me not being a doc who spec in this field drove home and took it all out. it now 6 weeks and everything is fine destin was an achon and he didnt have apena yeah!!! right . well now its time for me to go back to work i found this great daycare that specializes in special needs kids so i go back to work . needless to say i called to ck on him every break lol he was ok . work ends i go get him go home . now its day two of going back to work get up feed the kids get everyone in the care got two stops to make at two diff daycare . get in the car dam i need gas . ok ill stop i pump the gas pit the pump back look in the car at destin omg hes blue . i didnt even stop to think i puleed open the door pulled him out tured him upside down and started hitting him on his back . he takes a breath . my heart is pounding . he isnt breathing right he cant catch his breath the guy be hind me at the pump starts honking i gave him the finger and said a few ugly words put destin back in the car i knew i could get to the hospital faster then calling 911 . we made it to the er in 2 min dont even know how i got there .i called destins dad he meet me there , now remember i had my little girl with me and she was scared i tryed to stay calm and do what i needed to do but i want to cry ive never been so scared in my life. at the er a doc came in with a tv i was like ok then he told us he had a spec at the bigger hospital in my area who wanted to see destin via the tv ok he came on and we talked i told him what happened he has us tranf to that hospital where he told me destin had reflux i was like what this child never spits up he said are you telling me my job . i was so mad but he was right hes the doc so he put destin on reflux med now destin is puking not a little puke no its everything he has just eaten i say something and agian im told are you telling me my job we spend a week in the hospital get sent home on this med . i called lpa and was told to call a doc in nj . i did she was so helpfull anyways i took destin off that med now its time for a ck up ( oh by the way i didnt go back to work i took a leave from work i couldnt work i was a reck) from all the puking destin lost 7oz now at 7 weeks that a lot so back to the hospital i went that stupid doc came in i said you arent touching my baby untill you call doc bober in de
unfort. that was nations and he wasnt there but his team was they came and got destin took us down to de . once i got there due to having to drive me and my little girl down( my oldest was with his dad) i felt so much better the docs knew what they were doing they did a mri reflux test and a carseat test they said it was due to his head falling forward in his seat and cut off his breathing . i told them what i had in my carseat before i went to chop and told them what i was told i show them how i used to have it they told me that was prefect and too keep doing it . i was so mad . thats when i learn to open my mouth . well thats the frist two months of me learning how to be a mom of an achon . more to come

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my life as i know was bout to change

I remember it like it was yesterday , it was tue 4\15/08 i got up at 7:30 got saige ( my little girl ) ready for daycare. we left at 8am i was happy because i had a doc appt at nine and i also had an ultra sound before so i was going to see my baby .
Dropped Saige off and got to the doc. went in to the ultra sound room and there were two tech one was as student so i got scan and was loving it when the tech said to the student scan for a min ill be right back. i thought to myself wow this has never happened so i started thinking he must be real big ( due to having two big babys already ) . she walked back in with a doc now my heart stops the doc started to scan and asked me does dwarfism ran in my family (what ) " no" why . doc " your son is two weeks behind in his long bones ". me "what does that mean " doc " is may be nothing ultrasound isnt perfect on measurements but we think you son has achondroplasia " now my mind is racing what the hell are they talking about what is this what does this all mean wait ive heard this word before but where . all of this while the doc is talk and dont ask me what she said then it hit me little people big world . then i heard her say we might be wrong and nothing is wrong . now just to get you cought up im 36 weeks at this point i have 4 week to find out . i was a mess do i worry about it or just wait and see . well i did both i tryed not to worry cuz when i was perganet with saige they told me she had downs and didnt and worryed cuz what if he is. So the appt over i go for induction on april 30 2008 due to them not know if hes a dwarf or not and they want the nicu there incase he needs help for been so small . I go home and tryed to live my life till then. April 30 2008 at 10:10am i have a 7lbs 8oz 17.5in little boy he is so cute the doc hand him to me hes fine i unrap him to see what there where talking about then i saw it from shoulder to elbow was so short and from hip to knee the same but you know what i didnt care he was mine . the doc told me he didnt have to go to nicu and theyll come get him later to do xray to see if he was an achon . once the xrays were done i was tired and so was destin . i remember i was nursing him and a doc walked in miss kauffman we have an answer for you he is an achon . i looked down at him and started to cry not because he was an achon ( that what the doc thought ) but because people are mean and they dont think before the speak . and i know me im a fight and woould kill someone before they disrespect my kids. how was i going to do this i cant be like that i got to be strong for my kids . i started thinking as the doc is trying to comfort me for the wrong reason god gave me destin so i would be the person im supost to be, a kind understanding loving person willing to change my life for my kids and thats what ive done well doing lol i got a hold of lpa and they sent me a packet in it i read this story called i think trip to holland this story changed my life as you read my blog you will learn just as i am about the different types of dwarfisms destins over coming thing and learning new thing and me letting go and not being afraid of letting him be him