Wednesday, April 6, 2011

been awhile

sorry its been awhile but my saigie broke my computer .
ok its been almost three years since I've become destins mom
I've been thru ups and down and i know there are more to follow.
i know god gave him to me for a reason so I'm just learning what it is
first i think its to teach me to see the world in a different way .
i must say it is bothering me when people stare
i wish they would just ask me question and not stare
the other thing that bothers me is when they ask me " how old is he"
then i tell them and they act like I'm lying
um i had him
I've taught destin to tell people when they say oohh he so small to say I'm supposed to be
and i can tell you destin gets so mad when people call him a baby " i'm not a baby im a BIG BOY" love it
saige on the other had will get in peoples faces and tell them he is a little person and should be little duh lol
allen just doesn't understand and realy doesn't want to talk about it
i think and hope he'll come around
love all three of my kids and am glad i have all three of them

ok now thing that have happened in the past three year
Destin loves to stick thing up his nose been to the er 5 times
still dont know where he finds things to stick up his little nose
destin talk to much for his age im in awww
he started crawling at 10months ( arm crawl) pulled to at stand at 11 months
mastered the stairs at 12 months ( thanks dad for letting him do that and giving me a heart attach) walked at 15 months ran shortly after started talking at 9-10months
um (thinking ) oh held his head up at 6-8 months
now we are looking at preschools :( they all grow up to fast saige is leaving preschool and going to real school allen is going to 5th grade soon middle school and "being cool" dont tell him but im ready to embarrass him lol no im not
anyway ive got to get off of here to be a mom
ttyl ill have more updates thanks for reading

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